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Keeping Your Vacuum Working Correctly

Posted by on May 6, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Keeping Your Vacuum Working Correctly

If you have a vacuum cleaner that’s not cleaning your rugs or carpet as well as it should, then you want to make sure you check all the important areas that can be causing it to not work efficiently. Most people make sure the bag or container is dumped out and check the main filter. However, when they doesn’t work, they turn to the broom or borrow someone else’s vacuum. There are other areas you should check on your vacuum to make sure it is able to work up to its ability. Follow the advice here to keep your vacuum in good working order. Unplug the vacuum Always make sure you unplug the vacuum before you check it, so you don’t have to worry about getting shocked or having it turn on accidentally while your hand is in the wrong place. Empty the bag or container then check all the filters The first step will be to empty the bag or container. Then, you are going to check all the filters. Many models have several filters. The best way to know just where the filters are is to check the owner’s manual. If you don’t have the manual, you can find a diagram for your model online. If all else fails, look for any areas where there are panels you can open and open them up. Shake the filters over the trash and use your fingers to remove dust and debris. In most canister vacuums there is a filter in the top part of the canister that you twist to get it out. Once the filter is out, take it off the round holder it is on and rub your fingers on the outside and inside to get it as clean as possible. Put it back in place on the holder and twist it back into the locking position. When your filters get old, make sure you replace them instead of simply cleaning them. Clean the hoses Remove the hose from the vacuum and take it outside to clean it out. Shaking the hose won’t remove any big clogs in it. Therefore, you want to take a broom stick and carefully insert it in one end of the hose. Push it all the way through the length of the hose carefully. Any debris clogging it will come out the other end. Clean the brushes Turn the vacuum upside down and remove the protective plate on the bottom. Remove any hairs wrapped around the brushes, using scissors if they have to be cut free. Rotate the rollers so you make sure you get everything out of them. Put the protective plate back on and try the vacuum again. If you find your vacuum still isn’t picking everything up after you have followed the above steps, then you may want to take it in for vacuum cleaner repairs or purchase a new...

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Keeping Track Of Business Finances: Why Hiring An Accountant Is Vital

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Keeping Track Of Business Finances: Why Hiring An Accountant Is Vital

One of the most important things that a business owner must do is keep track of all of the money that is made or lost. Failing to keep accurate financial records for your business can lead to penalties by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), or even time behind bars. Find out below why it will be beneficial to your business if you hire a tax account and how much his or her assistance might cost. What Makes Hiring a Tax Accountant Vital for a Business Owner? When you don’t keep good financial records for your business, the CRA can audit you for it when tax season comes around. If you report that your business made less money than it actually did (even by accident), you may find yourself in a court battle trying to prove that you were not trying to commit tax fraud. Hiring a tax accountant is vital because he or she will focus solely on your business finances to make sure each record and calculation is correct. The accountant will keep all of the records on file so you can access them at will. If the CRA happens to dispute what is filed in your business taxes, the accountant can assist you with getting through the audit process. A tax account is also vital for avoiding paying the CRA more money than you need to. You may even qualify for a tax break if you can prove to the CRA that your business suffered a financial loss. If you happen to make an investment in inventory that fails to bring in a profit, the account will make a note of it as a financial loss. Suffering a financial loss can lead to you getting a tax break for your business. Assistance from a tax accountant is also vital for keeping accurate records of what your employees are paid. You must present the CRA with records of what your employees are paid so they can assessed when each of the employees file their personal taxes. Accurate payroll records can help you know if you are under or overpaying employees, which is vital if one of them decides to sue your company. Is it Affordable to Hire a Tax Accountant? You should expect to pay at least $150 per hour for a tax accountant to assist you. If you need multiple services from the tax accountant, you might have to spend over $400 per hour. Contact a tax accountant at Padgett Business Services Accountant to find out what he or she can do to get your business finances in...

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Unique Ways to Advertise Your Business

Posted by on Sep 3, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Unique Ways to Advertise Your Business

Businesses are always looking for new ways to get the word out there. In our modern world, it’s best if your company uses as many forms of advertising as possible. You want more people seeing what you offer so your business increases. If you’ve already exhausted normal avenues of advertising, such as commercials, newspaper ads, a great website, and flyers, here are a few different ways to advertise your business that will translate into big bucks in the future. Window Painting Maybe your advertising is great, but your storefront could use a little work. Consider hiring a window painter to paint seasonal advertising on the large windows facing the street. But instead of using fluorescent paint and cartoony characters, use modern shapes and colors to give window painting a whole new life. Vehicle Wrap Another great way to gain new customers is by wrapping your commercial vehicle. Whether your real estate business has a small 4-door car, or your tour company has a fleet of vans that drive tourists around, wrapping works. It gives off your company a professional look and shows off your brand. Not to mention, think about how many people see your logo and phone number every time you drive somewhere. Your wrapped vehicle all of a sudden turns into a moving billboard.  Sign Spinner If your business is great, but location is lacking, hire a sign spinner to get customers into your brick and mortar store. Maybe you’re tucked away in the middle of many businesses, or are a little too far away from a big street. Either way, a sign spinner attracts the gaze of driving passerby and alerts them that you’re there. Some will stop in right away, or make a note of coming back later. Make a bigger impression by sending your sign spinner out in a themed costume. Flying Banner  If you live near the beach, it’s quite popular to hire a plane to trail a banner behind with your company’s name, slogan, and phone number on it. Especially during peak summer season, thousands of people can see your business’s contact information in one foul swoop. Design a banner with large and simple branding so people can see it from very far away.  No matter where you advertise, make sure your branding is consistent and you’re ready for an influx of customers. Then your business will grow so fast you won’t know what hit you. For more information, talk to a professional advertiser like Image Works Media...

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Four Tips For Successfully Packing Up Small Items For Storage

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Storage units aren’t always just for furnishings and large items. If you need to box up smaller items for storage, it is important that you pack these wisely and with as much care as larger items. Here are four tips that will keep your smaller items organized and secured in storage. 1. Pack Like With Like Packing up your things for storage is probably an activity that you just want to get over with. Thinking through the process of packing of smaller items with care will save you time later on. Be sure when packing smaller items such as knick knacks, pet toys, or kitchen items that you keep similar items together. It is a good idea to pack boxes with a different sized things that actually go together rather than just by size so that when you unpack these later on your items will be organized. 2. Wrap Up Breakables You might think that since everything in your storage unit won’t be moving around that you don’t need to put too much effort into packing items. Boxes can shift in storage over time, or if you have to access something later on you might disrupt other boxes. Take precautions with breakables and wrap these up more so than you would think is needed in order to protect your housewares from damage. 3. Label Boxes Well You might think you’ll remember where you packed smaller items, but after a few boxes, you’ll most likely lose track. If you will be storing items for an indeterminate amount of time, you might not remember exactly where everything was packed. Label boxes clearly and make this as detailed as possible. When it comes to smaller items, listing out what is in a specific box and taping to the outside will save you time and effort later on. 4. Use Sturdy Storing Boxes Moving and storage boxes aren’t necessarily the same thing. If you will be storing items, investing in sturdier boxes or even plastic bins with lids is a better option for long term storage. This will make it easier to stack boxes without these possibly collapsing and will keep items sealed up and safe in any type of weather conditions. It is easy for smaller items to get lost in the shuffle or damaged while in storage. All items should be treated with care, it just might take a little more thought to get smaller things stored properly. Take the proper steps when organizing your storage unit to ensure that all items are well packed and stand a chance in long term...

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Out Of Towner: A Few Things To Ask Your Cab Driver

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Hiring a taxi cab driver can be helpful in more ways than one. You can use this experience to your advantage, especially if you are out-of-town. The following guide will help you ask questions that should increase your safety and enhance your visit.  First Thing is First Sadly, there are some cab drivers who are not registered or licensed. So, the first question you should ask before entering the cab is to see their identification card. You should also ask for the following, just for your own protection: Ask to confirm that the radio to the dispatcher is working properly. The radio is an important piece of equipment that can call for help if you need this is on route to your destination. Find out your taxi’s safety procedure, just in case you need this during your trip. This safety procedure is usually cab-specific. So just ask your taxi driver about the steps you need to take to stay safe as you are driven to your destination.  Confidence Matters Getting the most out of your cab driver means that you need to build a sense of trust. And to do that, you might want to be open or break the ice. Consider some of the following: Find out where your cab driver is from.  Ask how he or she likes the city Inquire about your taxi driver’s experience as a career taxi driver  You can also simply ask about his or her day so far Try to find out about any family he or she may have nearby Do not forget to share some of your own information to develop a friendship These are just some ideas that can help you break the ice between you and your driver. Remember, you can also get a little playful; perhaps you can ask about the caliber of women or men in the city.  This Where it Gets Fun Your destination is foreign to you, so you can start asking your cab driver about the city. Let your taxi driver know that you are out of town and share some of the things you are interested in. Ask your taxi driver for a list of places that you can visit, or ask if she or he can be contacted to schedule a pick-up after a night out on the town.  Getting to know your cab driver can be a helpful way to get to know the city better when you’re visiting from out of town. Keep these things in mind for your next cab...

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3 Proven Methods To Purifying Your Water

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You expect the water you drink to be clean and pure. However, that isn’t always the case. If you have a bunch of bacteria in your water, you need to take whatever steps necessary to purify the water and make it suitable for drinking. Not sure where to start? Consider one of the following methods to purify your water: Boil It Grab a large pot and fill it up with water. Put it on the stove and crank up the heat. As the water comes to a boil, all of the bacteria that was in the water is going to be killed off, thus minimizing your chance of getting ill when drinking it. While this might be a little easier when you are in the comfort of your own home, it isn’t all that hard when in the wilderness either. All you need is a fire and a pot to boil your water and you are set. It only takes a few minutes to kill off the bacteria in the water. Purification Tablets At your local outdoor adventure store or sporting goods store, you can purchase purification tablets for your water. While this method isn’t going to leave you with the best taste in your water, it will definitely kill off the bacteria. Either a chlorine or iodine tablet works best, but you want to check with your doctor before taking them if you are pregnant or elderly. Make sure to strain the water before adding the tablets to it. Follow the instructions provided with the tablets. Water Purification System A water purification system attaches right to your main water supply in your home to help filter out all of the impurities before the water makes its way through your faucets. Any bacteria and impurities will be destroyed, so you don’t have to worry about performing any extra steps to get good-tasting water. Even though the system does all of the work for you, it is important that you check the filter in the system to make sure it isn’t too dirty. Allowing a service professional to inspect it on a regular basis is important to ensuring its operating efficiency. Depending on your situation, you might end up using one of these methods inside of your home and another when out in the woods. Knowing how to purify your water is crucial to preventing any illness or diseases from entering your...

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Office Cleaning: The Harm Of Products Containing Butyl Cellosolve & Why Green Products Are Ideal

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If you want the opportunity to work in a clean office each day, you may want to hire a commercial cleaning company to do the dirty work for you. It is important for you to pay attention to the cleaning products being used for the job, as some products contain a harmful chemical called butyl cellosolve. In this article, you will learn about the harmful effects of cleaning products with butyl cellosolve and why requesting that green products are used is a good idea. What Makes Cleaning Products with Butyl Cellosolve Harmful? Butyl cellosolve is an ingredient that can be found in many of the cleaning products that are used on a regular basis, such as air fresheners. There are toxins in the products that may seem good because they smell sweet, but they are actually dangerous to inhale. You are actually inhaling a neurotoxin that can cause harm to your nervous system. Although it is likely that many commercial office cleaning companies are aware of the chemicals in cleaning products, it is still a good idea to let them know your preference. If you are exposed to cleaning products containing butyl cellosolve, you can experience symptoms that include: Red eyes Skin irritation Kidney damage Birth defects if expecting a child The best way to stay safe is to request that only green cleaning products are used when your office is cleaned, as you won’t have to unknowingly inhale toxins. Why is Requesting Green Office Cleaning Products a Good Idea? Green products are ideal for cleaning an office because they don’t contain chemicals that are harmful to your health. Some of the green cleaning products don’t contain chemicals at all. For instance, they may have natural ingredients like lemons in them instead of chemicals. The cleaning company can also place green products like paper towels and napkins in your office. There are usually green alternatives for everything needed to keep your office environment safe. You can also invest in your own cleaning products and simply hire a commercial cleaning company, such as All Star Maintenance Inc, to use them when they begin cleaning, rather than bringing their own products. Working in a clean environment is a great way to get relaxed so you can get more work done throughout the day. Allow a commercial office cleaning company to clean your office with green products. Don’t forget that cleaning products containing butyl cellosolve are dangerous to your...

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3 Effective Ways To Protect Your Home

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If you own a home, it’s important to do everything you can to protect it. Whether it’s from an intruder or a natural disaster, these steps will help you prepare for adverse home scenarios. Purchase HO-2 Insurance One of the best ways to safeguard your home is to purchase home insurance. For a lot of coverage options, HO-2 insurance is ideal. This type of insurance covers your home and the contents inside from 16 named perils. Some of these perils include fire/lightning, explosions, falling objects, and smoke. In order to find the best HO-2 policy for your home, it’s smart to get help from an insurance broker. These professionals don’t work for insurance companies, so they are fully committed to getting you the lowest price possible for your policy. There is no financial incentive for your broker to choose one company over another, so you can rest assured they will be transparent.  Set Up Wireless Security Cameras In order to have a sense of security, you can put up wireless security cameras around your property. These cameras don’t have any wires, so installing them doesn’t have to be hard or dangerous. They are also weatherproof, so even when outside, they will not get damaged by the harsh elements. After installing them, all you have to do is plug a wireless receiver into your TV or computer. A live feed from each camera will pop up, allowing you to effectively monitor your surroundings. When looking for these cameras, it’s smart to get ones that have an infrared sensor. These sensors pick up body heat, helping you see people coming up to your property at night. Get a Security Dog You are not always going to be able to watch your property, whether it’s because you are sleeping or away at work. For these instances, a security dog will come in handy. These dogs are extremely territorial, and they will bark when someone gets near your property. Security dogs act as an alarm, helping you prepare for worst-case scenarios. One of the best dogs for security, especially for the family, is a bullmastiff. Known for their size and strength, these dogs will be able to fight off burglars if they try to get inside your home. Despite their power, bullmastiffs are great with kids, especially if you socialize them at an early age.  Dealing with adverse home scenarios like a break-in or a disaster can be stressful. In order to prepare for these events, the steps above can be taken. They will help you and your family not stress as much. Visit an insurance group like Blaney Bill Insurance Brokers Ltd for more information about home...

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The Process and Implications of Applying for Historic Recognition as a Hotel in Canada

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Long before much of the United States’ wilderness was home to French Canadian fur traders, Canada had built many hotels for the wandering trappers and fur buyers. Some of those historic hotels still stand, but in a state of disrepair. If you made it your business to buy one or more such properties, you could apply for historical recognition. This is a very tricky process, and it starts with hotel restoration. Hiring a Historian and a Historic Places Restorer Besides hiring a contractor to return the hotels to functional places, you will need to hire both a historian and an expert restorer of historic places. The two specialists will work with your contractor to make the hotel as authentic as possible to its original self. The historian will research the place for historic significance as well as any pictures or building plans that may have survived through the decades and/or centuries. The restoration expert will see to it that all the right materials match historically with the remaining remnants of the hotel and only make compromises with modern materials when it is absolutely necessary. Your Part in the Process While your contractor’s crew and historical experts rebuild, redecorate, and restore, you will need to use the historic information you have to apply for historical site status. It is a very long process that requires a good deal of research and compilation on the property, but as long as your historian has done most of the work, all you have to do is fill out the application and mail in the inspector’s fees. The inspector will set a date and visit your hotel, checking everything over for accuracy and perfection. If it all looks correct, or most of it is accurate, you should receive your certificate within a few weeks. Displaying Your Historic Site Information and What That Means for You Guests at your hotel come because they want to see a bit of the past. They stay because they like to see what you have done to the place/site. Any stories your hired historian dug up works to promote your hotel and bring more guests to stay. Belonging to the Register of Canada’s Historical Places puts you on the map for tourists, who are ever curious about the history of Canada. You may even be able to charge more per room per night because you will need to keep the place up and reapply for historic site certification every so often. Eventually that leads to profit and more intrigued...

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Strategies For Planning A Boating Vacation To Canada As A US Citizen

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It’s never too early to begin planning a vacation, especially if that trip includes your beautiful boat on the gorgeous waters of Canada. Whether a solo trip to reconnect with yourself, a romantic sojourn for two, or an outing with family and friends, you will still need many forms of identification. Proof of competency for your craft and registration for your transport vehicle are only the beginning: Basic Documentation Part One Never leave your house, and certainly not the country, without your driver’s license. Obtain a passport and locate your birth certificate (notarized with a raised seal) to show at the border. Rules change quickly, so you may be asked to show both documents entering Canada and returning to the US. All passengers must also possess these documents to prove identity, residency, and citizenship. Basic Documentation Part Two You will need your US state boat license in order to fulfill Canadian requirements for towing a pleasure craft across the border. Documentation such as craft registration and proof of boat insurance is also recommended. Emergency contact numbers and names of physicians are recommended for all parties. Auto registration and proof of auto insurance is also necessary. At this time, there are no required vaccines for traveling between the US and Canada; however, it’s best to frequently research this requirement and keep copies of immunization records for all travelers. Advanced Documentation At least one proof of competency in accordance with the Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations is required for US citizens. One form could be an operator card issued by state or country. Another form could be a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (from an accredited Canadian Course Provider). Include copies of any completed boating safety courses. A NEXUS card can be obtained for travelers who frequently travel between the US and Canada; however, if you change your mode of Canadian entry into air or water travel, or simply wish to have an alternative choice in case of emergency, consider the CANPASS. Both programs require the same considerations whether pleasure craft owner or passenger. Both boat owners and passengers should be well-versed on all of the above documentation and reporting procedures. Additionally, all parties should become familiar with additional reporting requirements, in case travel plans change during the vacation. Use a Canadian Travel Agency to Assist With Your Trip You will still have a say in the vacation if you decide to use a travel agent, which is recommended even now for international travel. Agents have invaluable experience, training, and knowledge. They also have enough time deciphering between the myths and facts of Canadian travel for US citizens. The agent can be a valuable liaison should questions arise. If an agent suggests you use an independent boat hauling and shipping service, instead of towing your own craft, even more planning time is required. At least one month’s advance planning is needed in order to secure necessary documentation to ensure your craft arrives safely at its intended destination. Any additional activities, such as fishing, will require a license as well. A thorough review of your documents, as well as copies of everything placed in both the towing auto and the boat, will help the vacation go smoothly. As a final suggestion, place small national flags on your boat’s stern representing both the...

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